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The Desert Rose Project

Country Wedding {Featured on Yellow Papaya}

Follow this LINK to see the full post on YELLOW PAPAYA.

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The Desert Rose Project - Winter Sale

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The Desert Rose Project - Celebrating our 2nd Birthday!!!

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His & Hers by The Desert Rose Project {Special}

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The Desert Rose Project - Keedo Angels

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Pic(k) of the week. {Celebrating Heritage Day}

Happy Heritage Day!!! {Monday - 24th of September}

Tendai & I am celebrating Heritage Day in style with a “I heart South Africa” Desert Rose hanger.

Enjoy “Braai Dag”! Daar is niks so lekker soos ‘n braaibroodjie nie. x

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Flash Sale by The Desert Rose Project

We have one of each of the following Desert Rose hangers available at 25% discount.
1x “Bruid”
1x “Bruidegom”
1x “Mamma”
1x “Pappa”

We have one of each of the following Desert Rose hangers available at 50% discount.
1x “Mrs Coetzee”
1x “Elsie”

We have four white beaded heart Desert Rose hangers available at 15% discount.

Please note the sale prices only apply to these hangers named above. Prices/discount do not include packaging and postage.

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The Desert Rose Project featured on SouthBound Bride.

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New additions. {The Desert Rose Project}

Inspired by candy & Summers at the beach.

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Sharing the Love {The Desert Rose Project}

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Please note postage is not included. Discount only applies to available stock.

Clouds used in artwork courtesy of Animus.

Winter Market - The Desert Rose Project {Special}


What is the Desert Rose Project?

Find The Desert Rose Project on Facebook.

Please note the sale ends the 31st of July 2012 & the 50% discount does not apply to “custom”, “baby’ or “tie the knot” hangers

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Thank you - From Tendai {The Desert Rose Project}

Many thanks for the best wishes, I have seen and noticed the presence of God through your faith in me. Your helpful hands fulfill my dreams and I am happy to count countless blessings made possible by your support. May God pave your way in everything you do. May Jesus Christ fight any obstacle coming your way. Best Wishes.” - Tendai

Featured on Lovilee x

Special thanks to Willem Foster for his professional assistance in the YSP Studio

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Happy Birthday, Tendai!!! {29 June 2012}

Tendai, you are a legend! Your creativity inspires me and your quality of workmanship is superb. Keep shining such an awesome light mighty man!

Dear Tendai

Happy happy happy Birthday!!! Your creativity has filled a huge gap in the industry! Thanx for sharing it with us!
May you be blessed even more in the years to come! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Much love

Happy birthday Tendai.
May you be blessed in every way. You can be proud of yourself and you are an inspiration to others. Be blessed. Kobus

Tendai, congrats! I hope you have a very successful new year ahead of you where you can build on what you already have achieved! You are doing a great job! - Nic

Dear Tendai

May you have a very special birthday!

Thank you for wiring messages of luck, love and hope in the hangers you make for my “brides” and their “bridesmaids”. What you create, goes way beyond just what your eyes see, you perfect very important celebrations with your art!

I hope that the year ahead will be full of amazing opportunities, as I know you will grab them with both hands and make something beautiful.

Best wishes


I sincerely wish you a very happy birthday and another year filled with happiness and success.
May the road ahead exceed your wildest dreams.

Kind Regards,

Happy Birthday! Your creativity has touched many hearts! Thank you for the inspiration. We wish you all the best for the years to come!
Little Pink Book

Dear Tendai - Don’t stop making beautiful things - your passion and your smile shine through!

Tendai, we are so privileged to have been able to feature your work on www.lovilee.co.za. We love your work and great smile. May you be blessed!

Karen Kelly

Meet Tendai here

Please feel free to leave your wishes for Tendai.
Thank you for your support. x

Thank you from Tendai. :)

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Danielle & Marvin - 14 April 2012

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The Desert Rose Project’s 1st Market Day.

The Desert Rose Project traded at the Treasury Market, for the very first time this past weekend. Tendai & I were so excited. Tendai worked hard and he even had to employ extra hands to help with beading. We also displayed our new baby hangers. Perfect for a nursery.

The air was filled with delicious smells of coffee and freshly baked pastries. We enjoyed watching people appreciating all the quality handmade products at the market.

Thank you to everyone that supported us on Saturday, it was so nice to meet all of you. Especially Claire Le Grange from Bella Chiara Accessories.

Tendai & his beautiful wire art.

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Special Thanks to:
Labels - Pink Pigeon
Photo - Simonè Franzel Photography
Mirror - Alice
Tablecloth - Chrismarie (DDCK)
Display Stand - My parents.
Unconditional Support - My husband.

Celebrate Love - Heart the Desert Rose Project

It is the First day of the second month of 2012. We have settled in and found our groove. February is the month of Love and the time to show your love to the people closest to you or to the clients that Love you.

To celebrate the month of Love, Tendai & I, decided to run our special on the Desert Rose Hangers. Buy any two hangers and receive a free heart hanger.

This special promotion will run until the end of February 2012.

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The Desert Rose Project - Merry Christmas!!!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! May you have a blessed time with family & friends. Drive safely and enjoy every minute of the festive season.

To celebrate Christmas, Tendai & I, decided to run a special on the Desert Rose Hangers. Buy any two hangers and receive a free heart hanger.

This special promotion will run until the end of December 2011.

PS: It isn’t really Father Christmas, it’s Tendai. ;)

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