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Bridget & her family. {Studio Family Shoot}

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On par and in tune with Love - Wesley & Fallin {Couple}

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Pic(k) of the week - Courage {National Women’s Day}

Celebrating women that inspire & lead by example.

I am writing out of a cosy office while it is pouring outside. Feeling lucky that I am a woman, wife and daughter. From this week until the end of August I will share with you ladies that inspire me. The 9th of August is National Women’s Day.

I photographed this beautiful woman a while ago in my studio. Her story is personal, but I can tell you that it took a lot of courage for her to appear in her swimsuit. Her strength inspires me to be proud of my body.

If you would like to share your story on the women that inspire you, please email me at yolande@ysp.co.za. I would love to post it.

Wishing you a warm & happy weekend x

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Studio - Jana & haar familie.

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Lifestyle - Featured on Yellow Papaya {Summer Salad}

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YSP Studio - The Conradies {Family fun}

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Sneak Preview - Die Conradies {Vrrooom!!!}

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For your camera bag - Professional Card Reader

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YSP Studio Special {Book now}

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YSP Studio - The Dress Show Off Session

Contact YSP Studio

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For your camera bag - Fun stuff

Here are a few affordable products & gadgets for your camera bag if you shoot weddings that I find essential. These items come in handy when you least expect it.

Also, remember to have an identification card in your camera bag.

1. Business Cards - {by Pink Pigeon} - You might get an enquiry at a wedding.

2. Hand Cleanser - Just after the bridal couple have enjoyed their first piece of wedding cake, you will have something for sticky hands.

3. Wet Wipes - Always handy.

4. Cable ties - Something to keep your cables organized.

My favourite!

5. Labels by Nikon to mark your equipment. Small sticker that can make a big difference.

6. Pocket Tissues - You are the only one following the bride & groom the whole day, be there for them in case of a teary moment.

7. Pocket Towel - Once at a beach engagement shoot I had the couple walking through shallow waves, they were very happy to dry their feet afterwards. Footnote {pun intended} - Baby powder is a great sand remover.

8. Plastic bags - For keeping things dry or separated.

9. Fresh & Sweet - Tic Tacs are my favourite, especially the orange flavour. I like them because you can share them with the couple, no chewing gum to be disposed of and they taste great. Not as overpowering as mints.

10. Desert Rose Hanger - A gorgeous wedding dress should hang on something special.

PS: Follow this link for an awesome battery holder.

Images by YSP Studio

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YSP Studio - Die De Milander Gesin

Dit was ‘n heerlike oggend fotosessie in die YSP Studio. Amelia en haar man, Francois, het hulle twee pragtige kinders, Mia & Anru gebring vir ‘n familie fotosessie. Die tyd het so vinnig gevlieg, omdat Mia & Anru so oulik saam gewerk het.

Amelia, baie dankie, ek het die shoot baie geniet. Julle is ‘n ster gesin.

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