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Pic(k) of the week - {Ride}

Instagram - Shot from passenger window, driving on R43.

What I love about winter is the promise of spring and the beautiful light. Also the quiet time between wedding seasons, which is perfect to recharge creatively and to spend quality time with family and friends.

The past week I have been feeling very restless, really wanting to take the open road and explore our country. So I dedicate this week’s Pic(k) of the week to my inner adventurer.

For roadtrip inspiration listen to Lana Del Rey’s Ride.

Happy weekend x

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Pic(k) of the week - {Ouma Jessie}

Our greatest glory is, not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Confucius

It has been a month since my last Pic(k) of the Week post. We have suffered the loss of my grandmother and my father in law in May.

It is a difficult process to start the day with heartache, feeling actual pain. Proving that the person you have lost meant so much to you. I have learned that life does goes on. It is a matter of feeling the emotions, but going about your daily routine. Faith and support from family, friends and clients have also helped in this slow process of picking up the pieces and starting to move on.

My grandmother has been more than just a grandmother to me. Ouma Jessie inspired me. Introducing me to photography, art and nature.

Ouma, thank you for all your love and for believing in me. I miss you so much. x

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Pic(k) of the week - {Metallica}

Metallica, live in Cape Town.

This week I had the privilege of seeing Metallica live in my own city. It was an unbelievably awesome experience & another highlight in my life. Thank you to my husband for surprising me with tickets, you rock.

Happy weekend x

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

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Pic(k) of the week - {My husband, my best friend}

Today my “holiday” is starting!!! I am still shooting through December, looking forward to a awesome couple’s wedding on the 29th of December.

My husband made a list of things we are going to do this holiday, we are seeing Cape Town, as if we were from overseas. How special is that? A holiday to recharge the creative fuel & to spend some well deserved quality time together.

Jacques, thank you for supporting me through this year with all its highlights & downsides. You are my best friend!

Happy weekend x

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Highlight - “Chronicles of our times” {Published}

I am honoured and so grateful to be published with world renowned photographers. The Cape Town Month of Photography was a big success & I will always treasure these memories.

Congratulations to everyone that contributed to such a special event. Photography can do so many things. Tell stories, teach, inspire & bring people together.

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MOP5 - Opening at 6 Spin Street {Part 1}

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Spring Fever - Celebrating the new season.

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Sneak Preview {MOP5 - 6 Spin Street}

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Pic(k) of the week. {Paint it Black}

It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black.” - The Rolling Stones

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My work is part of the Cape Town Month of Photography 2012. {Highlight of my career}

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Sneak Preview {Spring fever}

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Passion vs Income

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The Desert Rose Project featured on SouthBound Bride.

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Tyger Valley Centre Bridal Expo 2012 - YSP & The Pixel Revelation

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Pic(k) of the week. {Spring}

Spring Fever - Elvis Presley

A little bird, he told me so
He said come on, get on the go
Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
Spring makes my fever right

Spring fever, spring is here at last
Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Happy Spring everyone x

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Pic(k) of the week. {Happy Thursday}

Happy Thursday x

Where - On our way to Malmesbury.
Why - Roadtrip with my Dad.

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I did some catch up admin this weekend and checked my site’s traffic report on Google Analytics. Something interesting caught my eye, traffic from Pinterest. I was happy to see people pinned my wedding images and shared some images of the Desert Rose Project’s wedding hangers, but is this a good or bad thing?
Photographers believe in copyright and to always be referred to as the creator of the image. How does Pinterest work in that regard? What has been your personal experience with Pinterest?

Pinterest comes with Pros and Cons for Photographers.” Worth a read.
Article by Black Start Rising

If you have feedback for me, I will really appreciate it. x

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Pic(k) of the week. {Happy Weekend}

I just had to share this beautiful lady’s smile. Melts away the cold.

Happy weekend x

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Where: La Residence
Event: Little Pink Book wedding workshop
Who: Natassja, wearing Bella Chiara Accessories

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special. Every wish and message added magic to my day.

Thank you to my husband, parents, family, friends & colleagues for making my 30th birthday a memorable event.

So many things crossed my mind the week running up to my birthday, “Am I ready to say goodbye to my twenties?”, “Am I still on the right career path?”, “Where has the time gone?”…etc. Serious life questions. ;)

I realized that I am ready for thirty, I look forward to the next chapter of growing older and living life. To quote The Byrds’ song, My back pages, “ah but I am so much older then, I’m younger than that now”.

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Turning 30 - Celebrating Life & Photography {7 Aug 2012}

Celebrating Life and Photography with Talented Friends

To celebrate thirty years of life, and a few of them well spent as photographer, Yolande Snyders invited a hotchpotch of talented friends to Studio Rose on Tuesday, for a morning of industry mingling and motivation.

In what was truly a fun and light-hearted event, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and writers came together as a group of individuals who share in a passion to provide their clients with excellent service. Each with their own, unique story as to where and how they came about in the industry of being a creative, the room was filled with specialists who inspire by doing.

Wedding photographer Kobus Tollig was asked to share his ideas on an art form that has literally moved him across the country and out of different careers to follow his dreams. He gave a compelling speech that explained what his work means to him saying, “Photography is so much more than just taking an award-winning photograph. It gives us the chance to view the world in a different light. Photography teaches us how to do business –how to create a website, manage social media pages and market services. All this help us to develop self-leadership. ”
For him, the client is the driving force behind his beautiful and captivating work, and he encouraged guests to share this mindset. “It’s not about me. It’s about making the bride or model look their most beautiful on that special day. Getting a compliment from a client is so much more rewarding than winning Photo of the Week.”

His speech motivated those in attendance to keep going during times of hardship –because, in the creative world there are many –and to “love what you do, no matter what you do. If you feel inspired when you do it, you’re on the right path. We all have bills to pay, I know. I have a little one that I have to buy diapers for. But I love what I do and I’ll do whatever it takes. Changing careers was the best thing I had ever done.”
So, why is it that we find the success stories of others so inspiring? I for one believe that when you know it, it’s yours. As Frank Capra once said, “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something”. Kobus’s story is merely one of many reassuring if you act on your creative ideas, you’ll never be out of work. If you have a hunch, do something about it –no matter how crazy it may seem. And enjoy the ride.

I would like to congratulate Yolande on her special day, and thank her for being such an inspiration to myself and all guests of this inspiring event that celebrated being a creative, despite all the challenges that comes along with it. May every snapshot of your life be filled with love, happiness and laughter!

Written by Marelé Schultz

Derick from Cameraworld


Chocolate Chili Cake x

Image by Kobus

Legend - Herman Agenbag

Nic - The Pixel Revelation

Lara & haar ouers.

Collin Albertus

From Left - Nic Redelinghuys; André van Niekerk; Herman Agenbag; Derick Botha; Thys Visser; Front - Marelé Schultz; Leanne Evans; Willem Foster


Marelé - Writer & Guest blogger on this post.

Yolande Snyders, Michelle Rademan & Veronique Mills

Image by Kobus Tollig

Middle - Lovia Delport & Corne Engelbrecht

Image by Thys Visser

Beautiful Lara Tollig

The awesome Studio Rose team x

Thank you to everyone that was involved in making this celebration of life & photography such a memorable event. Life is full when I am surrounded by creative people like you!

Kobus, thank you for coming all the way from Bredasdorp to inspire us. You are a very talented photographer & I am blessed with a friend like you. Congratulations to you and Yolande on a beautiful daughter.

A Special thank you to Cameraworld, you guys have always been excellent with photographic advice & printing turnaround times. Half of a photographer’s success comes from their supportive Photographic Service Provider. Thank you for spoiling three creatives with awesome gifts & thank you for my beautiful card and gift pack.

Thank you Mooi Nooi, Collin Albertus was the lucky winner of your gift voucher. I am sure a lucky bride will be visiting you soon.

Studio Rose, thank you for being such friendly hosts, your coffee and cake are divine. Jacqui & Peter, your coffee shop is definitely the place to meet.

All images by Yolande Snyders Photography (unless stated otherwise) Copyright Reserved by YSP{2012}

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Turning 30 - Celebrating Life & Photography

I am turning 30 next Saturday & I will love to share this coming of age with industry friends and creatives. Thirty is the age where you can start looking back on your life and to the future and the one thing that has been in my life since I can remember, is PHOTOGRAPHY. So, I am not just celebrating life, but photography too. Because Photography is my life!

Kobus Tollig & Du Wayne Denton are two extraordinary wedding photographers and they will be sharing with us something inspirational about photography.

The first round of coffee and tea is on me. Bring your camera for fun and some business cards for the lucky draws.

*Where - Studio Rose, Durbanville* MAP Church Street, across from the Police Station.
When - Tuesday, the 7th of August 2012
Time - 10h30 Morning

I will love to see you there x

Join the party.

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For Brides - The value of a photograph. {Group Photos}

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YSP Studio Special {Book now}

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For Brides - shine from within on your wedding day.

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The eagle has landed.

What a lucky visit?
A Sparrowhawk had his breakfast in our garden this morning.

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Karolien & Callan’s Wedding - Drakensberg Adventure {Part 3}

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Karolien & Callan’s Wedding - Drakensberg Adventure {Part 1}

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Red Espresso & ‘n $250-koekie x

Dié winter koue kan soms diep inkruip waar dit nie moet nie. Mens voel lui en min lus vir die lewe, wel dis hoe ek soms voel. :) Maar enige iets kan beter getoor word met tee.

n Red Espresso is ‘n goeie alternatief vir sterk koffie. Ek het ‘n lekker resep vir ietsie soet saam met die tee ontdek in die nuwe TUIS Kombuis uitgawe op bladsy 126. Ek het net die grondboontjies vervang met okkerneute.


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Simon’s Town & Ice Cream

Fun bits from my weekend.

If the history we are making is the foundation of our future, spend some quality time on the building process.

Mooi week vir almal x

Just Nuisance

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In our garden.

Green is my favourite colour and when I look out the window I am surrounded by all the greens I can dream of. Our garden is filled with water wise plants and trees, but what I love most are the succulents. As you can see from my branding, my inspiration comes from our garden. :)

After about a year in our new home our Jack Russel, Astro, actually introduced us to a Pecan nut tree growing in the backyard. Astro was enjoying a pecan nut with the shell still on. It has been a lovely experience seeing this young tree growing taller every year. The pecan nut count has also gone up from three last year to nine this year. In a few years we will be having homemade pecan nut pie with our own pecan nuts. x

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Just So Stories

I sometimes find myself reading very old story books. There is a small space left in my brain to fill with fantasy and fun, seeing as most of it is occupied by photography. :)

This book, Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, use to my dad’s when he was a child. The stories are all accompanied by black & white illustrations that colours in the story. Interesting fact, this is the same book that Cate Blanchett reads from in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

What are you reading at the moment?

Old man Kangaroo at five in the afternoon…

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Playing with 35mm film.

There is something about shooting with film that just renews my love for photography every time. Especially when I shoot with an old camera. You never know how the images will come out. I decided to buy a plain Fujifilm 35mm roll for my 1985 Pentax P30 and just have fun.

It is tough to shoot with film, not because of the technical side of it, but because you have to be selfish with every shot. What to shoot? It will really drive you crazy, so I just went with it.

My gorgeous husband. ;)

Sealed with a kiss. {Cheesy, I know.}

At Chantel & Rigard’s Engagement Session.

Not the best shot, but there is something magical about it for me.

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Love, 120 roll film & Muizenberg

Since a very young age and many exhausting trips, by my mother, to Clicks to have my 110 films developed, I just fell in love with photography. Through the years my 110 films changed to 35mm and then eventually 120 roll film and then it changed to digital.

Lately I found myself missing that film “feel”, so I took out my Yashicaflex and found old 120 roll films to play with. They are still available at Orms & Cameraworld.

Jacques and I had the privilege to have our engagement session shot by Du Wayne Denton. Obviously my Yashicaflex went along. ;)


Jacques x

ISO 400
Aperture f/8 - f/5.6
Shutter speed 1/200 sec - 1/100sec
Post Production Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Levels & a “light” Sharpen)
Weather Sunny to Overcast
Processed C41 processed at Orms

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Sneak preview - For the love of 120 Roll Film

Yesterday was an exciting day for me, because I had a black & white film developed at Orms.

Jacques, my fiance and I had the privilege of having our engagement shoot on Sunday by Du Wayne Denton.

Very nervous and excited for the big photo shoot, I thought I will bring a long my Yashicaflex and a Ilford XP2 ISO 400 Super 120 Roll Film. I think most photographers feel safe behind a camera ;)

Here is a sneak preview.

ISO 400
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter speed 1/100sec
Post Production Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Levels & a “light” Sharpen)
Weather Overcast

Happy Spring!!!

The first day of September is always a good day, come rain or sunshine, because it is the start of a new season, Spring. I love this time of year, the hope and inspiration of new things to come, with every new blossom or flower you spot in your garden, you know it is time for a fresh start.

I wish everyone a Happy Spring! May inspiration find you, fresh flowers make you smile and may your dreams blossom.

To celebrate the first day of Spring, Tendai & I, decided to run a special on the Desert Rose Hangers. Buy any two hangers and receive a free heart hanger. This special promotion will run until the end of September.

The Desert Rose Project - Meet Tendai

I am happy and excited to introduce to you, one of the most down to earth people I have met in my life. Tendai, is always friendly, even when it is raining in his outdoor “office”.

To read more about the Desert Rose Project, please follow this link.

An Interview with Tendai

Describe yourself in three words.
(Tendai took a while to answer this question. With his big smile, he answered this.)
I would say I am hard working, family motivated and self determined.

What is your philosophy on being an artist?
I have passion.

What inspires you?
My family being in need.

How long have you been a wire artist?
23 Years.

Why did you become a wire artist?
In Zimbabwe after school there was no work, so it was fashionable to become a wire artist.

What is your favourite pieces to make?
Lettering and the Big 5.

What makes you happy?
When I am busy with an order, I know then I can give to my family.

Why do you like about Cape Town?
Helpful people and the weather is also alright.

What do you think of the Desert Rose Project?
A good thing, sure ja. It is part of love as well.

Tell me more about the wire you use.
New and re-used wire, so I recycle, as well ja. Recycling is a good thing, it is good for the environment.

How do you feel about other artists copying your work?
You must be creative yourself.

Biggest challenge as an artist?
To set aside money for when you are not working.

Advice to other artists?
Don’t give up.

What is your favourite saying?
God love me.

Filled with love :)

The biggest, honest smile.

Tendai & Me taken by Nikon D700 ;)

Arnold, Tendai’s talented brother.

The following three photos courtesy from Jo-Ann Stokes

Beautiful Desert Rose labels by Pink Pigeon

Newest Desert Rose addition - the camera tag for something extra special

Please note, all proceeds go to Tendai. Courier costs are extra, seeing as The Desert Rose hangers are national travelers.

To order please contact me & feel free to leave a comment for Tendai.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel - a workshop presented by Du Wayne Denton

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The Desert Rose Project

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Ouma Jessie, Hermanus & the Dassies …

Firstly, I would just like to refresh my own memory by reading my first blog entry. “My blogging will be about my journey as a photographer and not as an individual. And if anyone would like to share their stories and findings with me, please do. I think it is important for photographers to share their experience with others.” So with this entry I am sharing something personal and trying something new. Usually photographers are very secretive about their techniques and methods, in some cases for good reason. The past year has been great for me and sometimes difficult, because of the fact that being a professional photographer has changed. Photography has become more accessible to everyone. I personally feel that even for professionals it has become “easier”. My experience has showed me that to get your name out there, you have to deliver a professional service and combine your style with your clients needs. Also, to be part of a photographers’ circle helps. It is like being in school and knowing the cool kids.

Inspiration has to come from everywhere. The internet, facebook, blogs, magazines. You can have your own style, but there must be this “in fashion” or “trendy” thread stitched through your work, to be recognized as good images. Where actual skill and technique have fallen away in some cases. ‘Mik & Druk’ photos can be shot with a DSLR. Funny :)

I am sharing my holiday photos with you, because in a previous entry I introduced my grandmother as my reason for becoming a photographer and because these photos are who I am. She is and always will be the fire behind my image engine. Hermanus has a special place in my heart. I was about seven when we first went to Hermanus for a holiday and it was at that time that I played with my very first camera, (AGFAMATIC S1000).
John Lennon once said, “Life happens to you, when you are busy making other plans.”
When time finally allowed us to go away, I was so happy. What can be better than having my Grandmother, Nikon and 50mm lens as my three companions on this holiday?

My Ouma Jessie is such a sport when it comes to photographs, she is 83 and has endless energy. At times I wondered if she was hiding Red Bull in her handbag. She sometimes confuses my name, Lande, with her dog’s name, Lucky. Which is okay, because I am very lucky to still have my grandmother and I can only thank God for that.

I hope you enjoy these photos with me. Not only did I have a wonderful holiday with my Gran, but I had an awesome time taking these photos. No stress, just me, my Granny and my Nikon.

Small tip from me: I realized with shooting my Grandmother, I was relaxed and just knew how to bring out her best, because I know her. When working with clients, take the time to get to know them, so that you can bring out their best. Just aiming and shooting will not bring out personality or that special moment.

Ouma Jessie
The reason why I am a photographer…

Ouma Jessie & I

Hermanus wildlife…

Old Harbour - the wall was built in 1904.

Laughing, because I said I wanted to take a shot in the middle of the main road…

Surprise! I love this photo.

Old Harbour

Spot the baboon…

Overberg Pincushion

Who is watching who?

Dassie is short for “Daar’s hy!”

Shot with 50mm lens. Standing very close.

Bunny tails


Op my travels Sondagoggend toe ry ek verby die groep Wildebeeste by Clara Anna Fontein, Durbanville. Gelyk asof hulle ‘n lekker ‘Sunday brunch’ geniet by die watergat.

The reason why I am a photographer…

The reason why I am a photographer today, is because of this lady, my granny Jessie.

Since I can remember she always had a camera with her. Unfortunately for her, dress up with me never went quite as well as she hoped, because I was more interested in her camera. Granny Jessie before she retired use to work at the Cape Town Archives, researching the history and captioning each photograph she worked with. She took me to so many museums and galleries growing up, always saying that photography plays such an important part in preserving history.

With these images I would like to share with you my inspiration into photography and to introduce you to a wonderful woman. Different than most.
I love you, Gran.

I took these photos on a recent outing to the Iziko SA National Art Gallery in Cape Town. If you have spare time, go see Alexis Preller’s work. Amazing!

Something sweet… with our coffee.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I always look forward to Christmas, not just for the presents, but for the quality time you get to spend with family and friends.
2009 has flown past and I would just like to thank my family, boyfriend and friends for all your support this year. You have been wonderful and I wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Share the Goodness

On my travels today, I came past a ‘scene’ that made me smile. Two workers sharing their
lunch with Muizenberg’s pigeon folk.

Like Sasko’s slogan says…. Share the Goodness!