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Leroné & Mauritz {Maternity}

There is nothing more beautiful and wondrous than a pregnant belly. The miracle of life.

When I met Leroné and her husband, Mauritz, at the studio, I could feel the love and excitement between them about their soon to be born baby girl, Katherine. They also brought along their three furry kids, which added to the energy in the air.

Leroné & Mauritz, I know that you will be awesome parents to Katherine. I wish you all the happiness, blessings and joy for your family’s journey ahead.

To Photographers: I definitely recommend The Square Cube for studio/indoor shoots. It is an amazing space.

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Bianca & Arthur {Maternity}

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Sneak Preview - Bianca & Arthur {Maternity}

Every shoot brings adventure and special memories, but I think to share in momentus occassions with your clients makes the job extra important.

I was priveliged enough to cover Bianca’s sister’s wedding, then Bianca and Arthur’s engagement, their wedding and now their first maternity shoot.

Bianca and Arthur, thank you for letting me tag along on your journey together. It has been a priceless ride so far.

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Paul & Chantal’s Belly Journey {Maternity}

Dit is een van die lewe se mooiste wonderwerke.

Ek het die voorreg gehad om die vordering van Chantal se magie af te neem.

Daar was soveel kere wat ek nie kon ophou lag nie, dit het my altyd net meer opgewonde gemaak oor watter pragtige gesin dit gaan wees. Ek het tot Chantal en Paul se honde-kinders, Pretzel, Joey en Emma ontmoet.

Chantal en Paul, baie geluk met julle pragtige dogter, Arianne. God se seën vir julle as gesin. Baie dankie dat ek die belangrike “journey” van julle kon beleef en dat julle altyd soveel pret was om af te neem. Ek gaan ons sessies mis. x

13 Weeks

17 Weeks

22 Weeks

38 Weeks

38 and a half weeks

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Liesl, Freddie & Kaylin {Maternity}

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Sneak Preview - Liesl, Freddie & Kaylin {Maternity}

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YSP Studio Special {Book now}

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Celebrate Love - Heart the Desert Rose Project

It is the First day of the second month of 2012. We have settled in and found our groove. February is the month of Love and the time to show your love to the people closest to you or to the clients that Love you.

To celebrate the month of Love, Tendai & I, decided to run our special on the Desert Rose Hangers. Buy any two hangers and receive a free heart hanger.

This special promotion will run until the end of February 2012.

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Carol & Scott - It’s a boy!

I love Cape Town! I am sure most Cape Town-ions will agree with me. It felt like Summer holiday when I shot Carol & Scott’s maternity photo session. The smell of the ocean, warm afternoon sun, people out doing exercise and playing putt-putt at Sea Point’s legendary course.

Carol is a very talented ceramist and teacher at the Barbara Jackson Ceramics Studio, Cape Town. I started classes in April and every week I could see how her tummy grew. My ceramics skills are also still growing. ;)

Carol & Scott, congratulations on becoming parents-to-be. You two will make awesome parents. Thank you for a relaxed afternoon playing and exploring through Green Point Park and Sea Point. I had so much fun.

Plakkies! My favourite x

Green Point Park is a must see :)

Ceramic Cloud - Menagerie Factory by Carol Halliford

PS: I am a proud owner of a Menagerie Factory ceramic installation. Will keep you posted as soon as it is up in my studio.

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Preview - Carol & Scott

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Connor - little Mr Perfect

I have had the privilege to “meet” Connor before he made his grand appearance. After three shoots at different stages, I realized that Connor has a special place in my heart. Connor is 7 months old. He has the most gorgeous eyes and is such a chilled out baby. Probably because of his perfectly matched parents, Yvette and Craig. I am very happy for you guys and want to say congratulations yet again.

To view the two previous shoots, please visit…
Yvette & Craig
Yvette & Craig’s Connor

A special moment…

One of my favourites!

Cool dude :)

Connor = Miracle

Yvette & Craig’s Connor

Little Connor made his appearance on the 9th of June. Yvette and Craig, his parents, did a maternity shoot with me in May. http://www.ysp.co.za/blog/2010/05/28/yvette-craig/

Congratulations you guys!!! Connor is so beautiful, may he bring much love and happiness to your lives. I thought you were excited at the maternity shoot when I first met you, but now with Connor I can see it is a whole new level of love and excitement.

Connor, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you.

Teddy bear picnic…

Madré se Maternity Shoot

Madré en ek kom al van 2002 af saam. Ons het Fotografie saam geswot by City Varsity.
Een keer per jaar maak ons ‘n punt daarvan om ‘n koffie saam te gaan drink, nie net omdat ons so ver uitmekaar bly nie, maar omdat ons vriendskap so goed is dat tyd nie regtig ‘n faktor speel nie. Ons gaan net altyd aan waar ons laas opgehou het.

Madré en Jacques verwag hul eersteling. So, hierdie jaar was great, nie net het ons koffie en lekker tuisgemaakte appeltert geniet nie, ons het sommer ‘n shoot ook gedoen. Die babakamer lyk stunning en al die speelgoedjies en kleretjies staan gereed. Sulke klein sokkies, mens kan nie
glo dis bedoel vir regte voetjies nie.

Baie geluk Madré en Jacques, julle gaan ongelooflike goeie ouers wees. Ek het dit al agt jaar terug geweet. ;)

Yvette & Craig

I really love my job. Reason to follow…

Yvette and Craig are soon to be first time parents. When I met them the morning of the shoot, I could see the excitement and happiness in their eyes. Yvette was glowing and very relaxed. Through the whole shoot, they made jokes and taught me some things about pregnancy I did not know.

Life is so precious and short and when I experienced Yvette and Craig’s love towards each other and their obvious anticipation of the newborn to come and change their lives in the near future, I realized, WOW, for an hour I could share all of this with them. Yvette and Craig, good luck with Connor’s soon appearance, may he bring so much happiness and love into your lives.

My favourite…