Frans and Nicci’s wedding was held at Suikerbossie restaurant. The view from the venue is spectacular, exactly how the day turned out after a stormy Friday.

I was looking forward to this wedding, since meeting Frans and Nicci. There was a true connection between them and I could clearly see the evidence of a couple that are going to be happily married.

One of the highlights of the day for me was during the ceremony. Seeing the couples family and friends who all filled the pews to witness Frans and Nicci getting married, along with the presence of love and faith in the church was truly beautiful.

Frans and Nicci, thank you for choosing Nic and myself to capture your most special day.

How did you meet?
Unofficially… at a group movie night with a bunch of friends. Frans wished they could speak more, Nicci thought he was nice but in the big group didn’t get to find out much about him. For a few months we didn’t see each other and then we both took a chance with online dating (OK Cupid). We met over a coffee. Nicci said she thought Frans looked familiar but he could not remember… Nicci liked Frans instantly and he said “Maybe we can do this again next week?”

We went on a trip around the peninsula. First we looked at the penguins at Boulders Beach and then meandered abound Cape Point ending up at Scarborough. Nicci was not expecting Frans to propose on that day but she was hoping that he would! The ring was hidden in a box of Eet-sum-mor biscuits that was opened with tea. It was cold and windy, so he proposed in the car after reading a poem expressing his deep love for Nicci. He thought it took forever for her to say yes, and he was relieved when she did!

Tell us more about your wedding. Where did you find inspiration? Which elements were the most important to you?
People having a good time, and being able to talk to as many of them as possible. We wanted a very small and intimate wedding so that we would be able to spend time with our guests.

What advice do you have for future brides?
Try to start early with planning, not leaving things until the last minute. Important things to organise early are venue, photographer (Yolande is very good!). Try not to stress… it comes together slowly. On the day… just enjoy every minute. Even if things aren’t perfect (like your dance), it’s your day.

Most memorable moment of your wedding.
Walking down the aisle, both of us laughing and crying at the same time.
People cheering while we danced and fumbled at the reception.


Wedding coordinator: Frans and Nicci Snyders

Dress maker: Rene Young (Richelles)

Suit: Edgars

Flowers: Shelley Bekker

Make up: Leanne Muller

Hair: Leanne Muller

Wedding Venue: Suikerbossie Restaurant

Second Shooter: The Pixel Revelation

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