I had so much fun at Leana & Hennie’s wedding. The carnival style decor and unique venue was the perfect match to their ‘chilled out’ personalities. Leana looked gorgeous and Hennie never stopped smiling.

Leana & Hennie, thank you for having Nic and myself at your most special day. We wish you a blessed & adventurous marriage. View Nic’s, from The Pixel Revelation, blogpost HERE.

How did you meet?
Every December my family as well as Hennie’s family went on vacation to Gansbaai and of course through the years my brother and Hennie became good friends and we met when I was 11 or 12 years old and they were about 16. Like Hennie always say we met when I was still playing with dolls.

Only years later we became really good friends and from there a relationship started as we both have liked each other for a long time, but both of us wanted to ensure it would work as we were scared of ruining a great friendship that was built over years. We dated for 4 years before getting engaged.

Hennie always told me he would ask me when I least expected it, but it was difficult as he wanted me to design my own ring because of me inheriting family stones which I always wanted to use in my ring.
Of course I was notified my ring was finished just before our Holiday Road trip, but because he said I would never know when, I assumed it would not be on the holiday as it would be to obvious, and so his curve ball worked.
Our roadtrip started in Cape Town to Durban and back…but I was asked only at our last destination before heading home which is also one of our favourite places in the world, the place we met years before (Gansbaai) and Ironically the exact spot where he asked me is also named “Hartjie” (Heart in Afrikaans) because of the shape that the rocks and kelp make.
I of course started crying as soon as he went on one knee…

Tell us more about your wedding. Where did you find inspiration? Which elements were the most important to you?
I have been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl and always knew I wanted an all-white wedding and we are a very laidback couple and therefore wanted it to be an informal, but still a traditional wedding with a carnival-party theme that focused on our LOVE for each other as well as the love we share for our friends and family.
LOVE was our most important part of the wedding

What advice do you have for future brides?
Enjoy absolutely every part of the wedding ( the planning as well as everything leading up to the day and of course the day) everything goes too quick for time to be wasted on stress and no couple needs the extra strain that comes from stress and remember the most important thing at your wedding is that your fiancé is smiling when you come down that aisle and that in a couple of minutes you will be able to call him your husband for the rest of your life and from that moment on you become a united entity hold together with immense amount of love

Most memorable moment of your wedding.
The moment I came down the aisle and saw him for the first time and saw the most beautiful smile on his gorgeous face and I could see and feel his love looking back at me

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• Wedding coordinator : Hannes from Kraak Wedding and Event Coordination

• Dress maker: Ilse and Aneleh van Wyk (Family)

• Suit maker / shop : Stuttafords and then Tailored to fit

• Stationary : Internet based invite - Gareth Reed Create4u software Technologies

• Photobooth: I love photobooth – Christiaan Uys

• Make up & Hair : Danielle DeKock

DJ : DJ Dirkie Geldenhuys

• Handy shops / info / expo’s / magazines etc. for other brides : Merripak

• What every bride should know / know about / remember : If it is not there, nobody would know that it was supposed to be.

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