I am happy and excited to introduce to you, one of the most down to earth people I have met in my life. Tendai, is always friendly, even when it is raining in his outdoor “office”.

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An Interview with Tendai

Describe yourself in three words.
(Tendai took a while to answer this question. With his big smile, he answered this.)
I would say I am hard working, family motivated and self determined.

What is your philosophy on being an artist?
I have passion.

What inspires you?
My family being in need.

How long have you been a wire artist?
23 Years.

Why did you become a wire artist?
In Zimbabwe after school there was no work, so it was fashionable to become a wire artist.

What is your favourite pieces to make?
Lettering and the Big 5.

What makes you happy?
When I am busy with an order, I know then I can give to my family.

Why do you like about Cape Town?
Helpful people and the weather is also alright.

What do you think of the Desert Rose Project?
A good thing, sure ja. It is part of love as well.

Tell me more about the wire you use.
New and re-used wire, so I recycle, as well ja. Recycling is a good thing, it is good for the environment.

How do you feel about other artists copying your work?
You must be creative yourself.

Biggest challenge as an artist?
To set aside money for when you are not working.

Advice to other artists?
Don’t give up.

What is your favourite saying?
God love me.

Filled with love :)

The biggest, honest smile.

Tendai & Me taken by Nikon D700 ;)

Arnold, Tendai’s talented brother.

The following three photos courtesy from Jo-Ann Stokes

Beautiful Desert Rose labels by Pink Pigeon

Newest Desert Rose addition - the camera tag for something extra special

Please note, all proceeds go to Tendai. Courier costs are extra, seeing as The Desert Rose hangers are national travelers.

To order please contact me & feel free to leave a comment for Tendai.